No more stuck cats in the window!

Safe cat and tilted window?
It’s possible!
Thanks to Windyy, you have control over the width of the tilt.

No more moist and fungus!

Thanks to control over the inflow of fresh air, battle against moisture and fungus in your home will bemore effective.

No more stuffiness!

Breathe the fresh, healthy air. Even if it’s cold and rainy, there’s no need to close the window - adapt it to your needs.

No more airdrafts!

Airdrafts and gusts of wind will not worry you anymore, No more uncontrolled closing and opening of window and balcony door.

Magnetic blockade for PVC windows and balcony doors

Windyy is a magnetic blockade of the tilt or turn of the window, which allows you to stop and hold the window or balcony door in any position, adjusting the opening of the window to your needs.

Made to improve safety and bring comfort to your house...


  • Smooth adjustment of window and balcony doors opening angle
  • Full stabilization of the opening position of window and balcony door
  • The blockade is hidden after closing the window
  • Only for PVC windows and balcony doors
  • Window and balcony door may be stopped in any position
  • No maintenance required
  • Long product life
  • Simple assembly

    In the box:

    • Windyy
    • Two screws
    • Assembly instruction